Sexual Wellbeing and Gender (SWAG) Lab

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Lab Members

Janna Dickenson, PhD, LP

Principal Investigator

Nikki Lane, B.S.

Lab Coordinator


Nikki graduated from the University of Oregon with double-majors in Family and Human Services & Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a minor in Psychology. She is continuing her education as a grad student at SDSU. 

Maria Jose Guerrero

Research Assistant


Majo is a junior majoring in developmental psychology at UCSD.  She has always believed that childhood is the most important phase of life, which is why she dreams of becoming a child therapist someday.    In regards to sexuality, a topic she never believed she could enjoy so much, she is especially interested in conducting research on the gender orgasm gap. She would love to someday figure out what sociocultural factors are responsible for this gap.

Jorge Delgado, B.S.

Post-Bac Research Assistant


Jorge recent graduate in clinical psychology from UCSD!  He believes that in order to stir up change in this world, we must educate both ourselves and those around us. And with research these things are possible. He plans to bring more attention to LGBTQ+ research to push for their rights in unjust parts of our world. His research interests revolve around suicidality & mental health in LGBTQ+ populations, sexual health, and substance use disorders.  He aspires to attend a Ph.D. program to explore his research interests and enhance his knowledge in clinical science.  

Wryonna "Rei" Edquiban, B.A.

Post-Bac Research Assistant


Wryonna is an immigrant from the Philippines and a San Diego native who graduated in B.S. Psychology at UCSD. They are fully invested in topics that revolve around sexual wellbeing, pleasure, and gender. They especially want to conduct research within the TNBGE and LGBQIA+ community in regard to their sexual wellbeing. Currently, they work as a Mental Health Worker supporting youth in crisis at their homes. They plan on pursuing a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality and a career as a sex therapist.

Michael Hayes, B.S.

Post-Bac Research Assistant


Michael is a UCSD alumni that majored in clinical psychology. He currently works as a Behavioral Technician with children on the autism spectrum while he builds more research experience in hopes of applying to Clinical Psychology Ph.D.’s.

Nina Rice, B.S.

Post-Bac Research Assistant


Nina enjoys researching the topic of human sexuality. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a Specialization in Clinical Psychology from UCSD. She plans to continue as a research assistant and perhaps further her studies. 


Our lab is currently full. If you are interested in joining the SWAG Lab, please check back in the future.