My Mission

Most of our experience talking about gender, sex, and sexuality

is personal, limited to jokes among friends, inferences about morals, abstinence or prevention of disease, and the seldom serious conversation with a trusted other. In other words, we simply are not equipped with scientific information about sex.

In fact, much of the information we receive about sex is disinformation

I envision a world in which

obtaining accurate, scientifically-based information about sexuality

is easy!

 I aim to

enhance sexual literacy across UCSD so that - together - we can 

enhance sexual wellbeing

within our communities and across the population!

What is Sexual Wellbeing? 

Researchers are still working out the best definition of sexual wellbeing. 

One thing is clear: sexual wellbeing is different for different people! 

What does sexual wellbeing mean to you? If you'd like, you can share your own ideas about sexual wellbeing below!