Assistant Teaching Professor at UCSD

Teaching Philosophy

My primary educational mission is to inspire students to think critically. 

More broadly, I enjoy getting to know future leaders in mental health, helping clinical psychology majors develop a clinical science perspective, and preparing students to consider (and eventually solve) the current controversies in the mental health field.

Various departments approach problems in different discipline-specific ways. As such, any discipline-specific mode of inquiry engenders a partial perspective of a given phenomenon. 

I encourage students to draw connections between these partial perspectives and synthesize opposing perspectives to obtain a more nuanced, multifaceted understanding of a given psychological phenomenon. 

In my courses, students can expect to analyze psychological theories and methods, reevaluate conventional wisdom about psychology in everyday media and social interaction, and exchange critical dialogue. 


I teach courses and workshops related to clinical psychology, health behavior, physiology of stress, human sexuality, consent, sexual desire, sexual orientation and gender, mindfulness and sexuality, gender bias in STEM, and assessment and treatment of sexual concerns. 


PSYC 100: Clinical Psychology

PSYC 124: Clinical Assessment and Treatment 

PSYC 155: Health Psychology

PSYC 172: The Psychology of Human Sexuality

PSYC 193: Topics in Psychology (Sexual Wellbeing


PSYC 172: The Psychology of Human Sexuality

PSYC 199: Independent Study